An Apology: Avatar Amazingly Does Not Suck

For months, the evidence mounted and mounted that James Cameron's long awaited Titanic follow-up was going to be the biggest let down since Phantom Menace. No one wanted to believe that more than we did. » 12/15/09 3:12pm 12/15/09 3:12pm

British Critics Declare Avatar a Non-Trainwreck

Next week the world's critics will have their (completely meaningless) say about whether James Cameron's 3D extravaganza was worth waiting a decade for. But today, a couple British papers are jumping the gun to say it didn't suck. » 12/10/09 5:05pm 12/10/09 5:05pm

Critics Say Nine Is No Oscar Game Changer

There were two shots left at shaking up this year's horrifically locked in Oscar race: the musical Nine and Avatar. Well, after today's very mixed reviews of Nine, it looks like Oscar's only got one bullet left. » 12/04/09 12:44pm 12/04/09 12:44pm